Technology: Essential for CCSS-aligned learning

Technology: Essential for CCSS-aligned learning

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to prepare K-12 students for the challenges that await them in college and the workforce. As technology becomes more important throughout the nation's academic institutions and workplaces, students will need to be comfortable using everything from the internet to tablet computers.

In Pennsylvania, the North Allegheny School District is ready to provide students with new technology, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. However, before it does, the school system needs to make significant improvements to its technological infrastructure to support wireless devices. To accomplish this, the District will use a $4 million low-interest loan from PNC Bank.

"Right now, we have iPads that we would like to use in buildings but we cannot use them," Raymond Gualtieri, the District's superintendent, told the news source. "We are really far behind."

In addition to the tablet computers, the District has 400 laptops in a closet that are just waiting to be used.

Once North Allegheny is finished making its technological changes, it should be better able to provide students with media and technology skills, which are 21st-century student outcomes, according to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

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