Spelling bee to raise money for CCSS implementation

Spelling bee for CCSS implementation

A spelling bee provides students with an opportunity to show off and practice their spelling skills in a competitive format. In the case of the Norwalk Education Foundation, a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization, a spelling bee offers a chance to raise money for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), The Hour reported.

The Foundation will hold its first spelling bee on April 25 at Norwalk City Hall. In total, more than 20 teams of three will face off for a chance at winning a cash prize and other special awards. Spelling bee organizers hope the event will raise spirits in the Norwalk community, where schools have experienced budget cuts.

"I was hoping [the bee] would be something that's community building, which frankly I think we needed after what this town went through after the budget cuts," Gloria Tenofsky, the Foundation's executive director, told the news source. "There were so many disheartened families and teachers after last year and I wanted to have an event they could all afford to attend and make everyone feel good about their community."

The Foundation will raise money for CCSS implementation by selling tickets, which are available for $10 a piece. In addition, the Foundation's website states that organizations can sponsor a team or make a financial contribution to sponsor the event.

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