3 ways to help your kids improve their standardized testing scores

Regular tests and quizzes may seem easy to your children, but come time for yearly standardized testing, they may not do so hot. These exams often come with a lot of pressure, and that can make it much more anxiety-inducing for kids. You can help your children improve their standardized testing scores with these three tips:

1. Keep track of their regular grades
Most standardized test scores do not affect regular grading. However, the exams usually cover all material that your kids have learned throughout the year. Make sure to pay attention to how your children are doing in school. If you note their grades are slipping, talk with them about what they don't understand. They may need extra time with the teacher to fully understand a new topic or concept, or require other types of assistance.

2. Make sure they do their homework
All the daily homework and projects that your kids receive have a greater goal of preparing them for the exams. Always check that your children have done their homework and study for tests. This could help them earn better regular grades and improve exam scores.

3. Have your kids complete practice tests
There are many practice tests available for various forms of standardized exams. Some schools even have their students do these pretend tests to help everyone prepare. Students may feel more ready for the exams if they've seen practice versions and tried their hand at a few answers. You can also have your children do practice tests at home so you can see how they are doing and offer helpful suggestions. 

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