Study demonstrates rise in student test scores with help of a web-based tutor

Students that had web-based tutors performed better 

Schools that subject their children to standardized tests every year may want to consider their education options in order to improve test scores. A new study is suggesting that students who had web-based tutoring significantly improved their test scores from the previous year.
According to research published in the Journal of Educational Computing Research, middle school students in Massachusetts saw an increase in their year-end test scores when using a tutoring program developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
The study compared test scores to seventh grade students’ scores to what they received from the previous year. Researchers found that all pupils using the program saw an improvement in their overall scores.
"Teachers determine what instruction or remediation is needed to raise student achievement, which will also lead to improved scores on year-end tests," said study researcher Neil T. Heffernan, who leads the research team.
This study may prove that this is a beneficial concept for school districts to look into, as web tutoring may be a way to help students reach their full learning potential.
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