Massachusetts school district looks to opt out of the state standards

Schools are looking to keep the regular standards 

While the Massachusetts Board of Education may have approved the Common Core State Standards in an effort to match their students’ achievements against peers across the country, some schools may not agree.
The Tantasqua Regional School Committee based in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is attempting to opt out of the new federal guidelines, choosing to stay with the Massachusetts standards instead, according to World Net Daily.
The school system is most concerned with the effects the change will have on the budget, with officials saying that the damages may be too severe.
"Our school committee has talked about it several times, especially on the impact on our students and quite frankly on our budget," school committee chairman Kathleen Neal told the news provider. "Ultimately it will have an impact on our budget because of the change in curriculum and the change in testing."
The Bay State adopted the Common Core State Standards last summer in an effort to increase the expectations for student achievement.
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