New study suggests positive social learning programs help boost students’ overall skills

Providing emotional lessons could improve one's overall skills in dealing with social and emotional situations 

Educators may want to consider adopting more social and emotional learning programs into their curriculum, as a new study has suggested that these kinds of lessons can help boost student skills overall.

The research published in the journal Child Development found that students who were placed in programs that included exercises such as recognizing emotions, maintaining positive relationships and achieving positive goals were found to have improved social and emotional skills.

"The findings highlight the value of incorporating well-designed and carefully conducted social and emotional learning programs into standard educational practice," said to Joseph A. Durlak, emeritus professor of psychology at Loyola University Chicago, the study’s lead author. "Such programs do not detract from but can enhance academic achievement, while providing students with stronger skills in areas that are important to their daily lives and future functioning."

As a result of these findings, schools may want to think about creating social and emotional learning programs in order to help boost student’s skills and achieve positive goals.

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