PAWS goes back to pencil and paper format

Children will now have to write their answers 

While some Wyoming students may have gotten used to taking standardized tests on the computer, they may be surprised to find that many educators are switching back to basics this year.
The previous administration of the state Department of Education had made the 2011 Proficiency Assessments of Wyoming Students (PAWS), predominantly online. However, the Star-Tribune reports that the DOE has reversed this decision and have decreased the amount of time spent on the tests following complaints from educators statewide.
"It was an effort to level the playing field and also to put reasonable limits on the amount of time students spend taking the test," Mike Flicek, director of assessment and research for the Natrona County School District, told the news provider.
Alan Moore, the director of the standards and assessment unit, told the news provider that he estimates the shorter tests will now take students 12 hours to complete the two writing portions, math and reading.
This is not the only change to Wyoming’s standardized tests. Last summer, the Equality State’s board of education announced that it had adopted the math and language arts Common Core State Standards during its June 16 meeting.
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