School looks to provide program for gifted students

The programs could help challenge gifted students

One of the problems that gifted children face is that they may not feel challenged by their school’s curriculum, as they are often ahead of their peers in cognitive thought. As a result, some schools are looking to offer programs that are specifically geared toward these advanced pupils to ensure that they’re receiving the attention they need.

The North Freedom Elementary School in Wisconsin is looking to create more programs that will allow gifted children to use their talents to their full potential, according to the Baraboo News Republic, which provides local news to the surrounding residents of Madison.
"Just as our students who are not meeting the benchmarks need to be learning, continuing to learn every day," principal Julie Cushman told the news provider, "(gifted and talented students) need to come into the school knowing they’re going to learn something today too, learning something new."
For gifted children who are not receiving the support from the school they need, the National Association for Gifted Children offers resources to programs that are specifically geared toward helping kids reach their full potential.
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