District examines scores from new standardized tests

The schools are trying out new exams for students

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is a national test distributed to public school students throughout the country. Some districts are opting for other forms of standardized exams as a way to determine exactly how students match up against each other in academic prowess.

For the first time, the Grand Island school district in Nebraska is trying out new forms of standardized test to experiment with on their students, according to the Grand Island Independent. In the school system, fourth graders took the TerraNova Test, eighth graders completed the EXPLORE Test and 10th graders were subjected to the PLAN Test.

One of the reasons the school district decided to try something aside from the ITBS was that the exams typically take 300 minutes for students to complete, compared to TerraNova and EXPLORE, which take 120 minutes each and the PLAN, which lasts for 90 minutes.

Still, the ITBS is used throughout the country in areas such as Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Utah and a number of Catholic institutions across the U.S.

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