SAT-10 becomes available to homeschooled students in Connecticut

Some homeschooled students are not immune to standardized tests

Students who are homeschooled often don’t have to subject themselves to standardized tests as their peers in public school would. However, some homeschooling instructors see the benefits of the exams, as they can pinpoint where the student falls in terms of academic achievements with the rest of the U.S. population.

As a result, the Hartford Courant reports that the Bible Baptist Church in Cromwell, Connecticut, will be holding the Stanford-10 Achievement Test for all students who are in homeschooling programs. The test administration will take place on April 25 – 26 and students must pay $50 to take the exam.

The news provider reports that home educators will receive the results of their pupil’s score and will see how they match up with other students from across the country.

The SAT-10 is offered in 13 levels, depending on the grade of the student. Homeschool educators may want to consider having their student take the exam every year in order to map their progress and figure out which lessons should be improved.


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