Pennsylvania worries about the future once stimulus funds run out

Most states are worried what will happen to their education funding

Two years ago, the government imposed a stimulus package that would provide funding to public schools across the country. Yet now that money is beginning to run out and many are nervous about what will happen to education.

One of the states that is concerned over what will happen to its public school system once the stimulus money runs out is Pennsylvania, particularly because it has helped save so many teaching positions, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pennsylvania put up a fight for more funds, opting to try for the Race to the Top initiative where states compete for more money if the schools demonstrate education reform. The news provider reports that the Keystone State tried twice to win as much as $400 million from the initiative, but lost both times.

However, Pennsylvania isn’t alone in wondering the fate of their education system. The U.S. Department of Education currently has a budget of $63.7 billion for the fiscal year of 2010, which include Pell Grant funds, and $96.8 billion for discretionary funding, which came from the stimulus package.

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