Utah education officials believe in the CCSS

Utah education officials believe in the CCSS

While education officials in some states still question the need for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), those in Utah recently made it very clear that the CCSS are here to stay. A resolution to support the Standards was recently posted on the Utah State Office of Education website, and calls on the state's governor and lawmakers to collaborate with the State Board of Education to support the transition to the Common Core.

According to the CCSS' website, Utah adopted the Standards on August 8, 2010. When introduced, the CCSS were heralded as a way to better prepare K-12 students for the challenges that await them in college and the workforce. Since then, however, many of the Common Core's biggest critics have become more vocal, causing some states to reconsider implementing the Standards.

Despite the efforts of Common Core opponents, Utah makes it very clear that it believes in and values the Standards.

"The executive authority over education for the state rests with the State Board of Education," David Crandall, vice chairman of the State School Board, told KSL.com. "That's the reason that we put that in [the resolution], to make it clear to the public that it is an executive responsibility that we have to adopt the Standards for the state."

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