Events keep parents informed about the Common Core Standards

Parents informed about the CCSS

The more parents know about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the better equipped they will be to help their children tackle the more rigorous instruction that is expected under the CCSS. For this reason, many educators are looking for ways to assist parents with brushing up on their Common Core knowledge.

In California, for example, officials at Los Banos High School and Pacheco High School recently held a parent information night designed to educate the parents and guardians of students in grades eight through ten about the CCSS, The Paper reported. The time for increased Common Core awareness among parents is now, as the Standards will be fully implemented during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the Charles County Public Schools are providing parents with a look at the CCSS-aligned textbooks their children would be required to use in the next academic year, the Southern Maryland Newspapers reported. While final decisions regarding whether or not to use the books are still pending, parents' early access to the texts will allow them to share their views and opinions on the materials with the Charles County Board of Education.

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