Report reveals how few SAT takers are prepared for college

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Once states fully implement the Common Core State Standards, the hope is that students in grades K-12 will receive instruction that helps them acquire knowledge and skills deemed necessary for success in college and the workforce. Based on a new report from the College Board, administrator of the SAT, something needs to be done to ensure students are more prepared for higher education than they already are.

The report found that only 43 percent of SAT takers in the class of 2013 were prepared for college when they graduated from high school. As this is less than half of all students the College Board assessed, it is clear schools could benefit from efforts to boost academic achievement.

“While some might see stagnant scores as no news, we at the College Board consider it a call to action,” said David Coleman, the College Board’s president. “We must dramatically increase the number of students in K-12 who are prepared for college and careers. Only by transforming the daily work that students do can we achieve excellence and equity.”

Of the SAT takers who were not considered to be prepared for college-level courses, only 46 percent enrolled in a four-year college.

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