California teachers learn about the academic benefits of the arts

California Art Teachers

Many parents and educators believe that exposure to the arts during students' K-12 careers helps them develop into well-rounded adults. An early introduction to the visual and performing arts has the potential to stimulate kids' imagination and strengthen their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, according to Americans for the Arts.

In Sacramento, Calif., one group of teachers that understands the important role the arts play in students' K-12 education recently participated in a special workshop, the Sacramento Press reported. Thanks to the Sacramento County Office of Education's (SCOE) Leadership Institute Arts Academy, educators had a chance to learn about blending the arts into academic instruction that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

"Arts education is an integral part of the development of the whole person," Dr. L. Steven Winlock, the executive director of the Leadership Institute, told the news source. "Our workshop participants are exploring new approaches to better integrate arts education into the Common Core Standards and curriculum. The ultimate goal is to enhance the students' overall personal growth."

During the workshop, which ran from July 22-26, educators learned about the positive link between involvement in the arts and academic success, as well as how the arts can motivate and promote teamwork.

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