New York City school chancellor tours schools that are examples of good education

Black is looking to make examples out of high performing city schools 

As the U.S. continues to push for education reform, some academic insiders are suggesting that instead of focusing on poor-performing institutions, people should focus on schools that work so they know what kinds of programs to mirror.
Cathleen P. Black, the newly appointed New York City schools chancellor, has been touring schools that have exemplified some of the most successful programs in the city, according to The New York Times.
"We must have schools that are successful or are showing promise of really turning around," she told the news provider. "If not, we really have to take a different approach."
Black, the former chairwoman of Hearst magazines, told the New York Daily News that her newest position is a dream role, because she’s able to potentially make a difference in people’s lives.
So far in her hopes to change the system, she’s focusing on academic officials who really make a difference to students by pushing them to their top capabilities. When asked what she would be doing differently, the news provider reports that Black said she would be focusing on "great principals [and] empowering great teachers."

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