FCC to help students become better connected

FCC to help students become better connected

Many school districts have the goal of providing 21st-century education aligned with the Common Core State Standards to students that have grown up using electronic devices. Unfortunately, too many school systems have a ways to go before they can achieve this goal.

The Federal Communications Commission understands that the educational needs of K-12 students have changed, and recently voted to revamp its E-Rate program, The New York Times reported. This program is designed to connect schools and libraries with the technology they need to provide pupils with up-to-date telecommunications service.

Although a final version of the E-Rate proposal is not ready, funds could be moved from covering the costs of long-distance phone calls and paging services and instead go toward essential technological upgrades, such as high-quality Wi-Fi connections.

"I want to thank the FCC commissioners for accepting the president's challenge to bring America's classrooms into the modern age with high-speed Internet," said Arne Duncan, the U.S. secretary of education, in a statement. "Their vote today marks a first step in a five-year effort that will have enormous benefits for students, teachers and families, and for our national competitiveness."

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