Unique after-school activities to get your children involved in

Not every kid wants to tie up a pair of cleats, strap on shin guards and hit the field. Sports are the most common after-school activity available in the U.S. This doesn't mean your kids will want to play, though. Some children don't want to do physical activities or have no desire to be part of a team. There's nothing wrong with that! In fact, there are plenty of other options to be a part of great groups and clubs. See if your community offers these:

Debate team
Many schools offer chances for budding lawyers, prosecutors and just talkative kids to show what they're made of in debate team. These groups teach students valuable skills like reasoning, problem solving and public speaking. Teams meet daily or weekly and encourage members to learn how to constructively argue and make their case. Students who enjoy reading, writing and English may be great candidates for debate groups.

Theater troupes
So your kids don't want to throw balls or hit pucks. No worries. Maybe they want to dress up in period clothes and try out new accents. Theater offers children the chance to play make believe with other like-minded kids. Future storytellers, performance artists and politicians all can benefit from theater, but so can anyone else. Theater teaches memorization, reading skills, construction abilities and increased use of the imagination. Plus, it's a blast to be a part of a play!

Science clubs
Does your family spend weekends traipsing to museums to see NASA exhibits and learn about the weather? If so, your kids may love getting involved in science club. This awesome educational activity is often run by a science teacher or a staff member from those museums your kids love. Members spend time partaking in hands-on activities like turning green lettuce into red lettuce with the help of the scientific method (and some food coloring). Whether your kids are ahead in science or could use a little help, they'll expand upon Common Core or other state standard testing knowledge and build into new and exciting territories. 

Dance class
Maybe you've got some movers and shakers on your hands. Kids who like to make up dance routines and parade around the house will love the chance to learn new styles of dance in a studio. Sign your children up for hip hop, ballet, jazz or modern to get them grooving. Not only will they work on physical skills like balance and coordination, they'll improve their memories, learn to collaborate and likely make some great friends.

Art party
Do you have a budding Picasso on your hands? Little artists can learn new drawing techniques, try out different mediums and make some awesome projects in art parties. Some schools provide these after-class courses, but you may have to look to a local art studio or community center of your school doesn't have this offering. Kids can dig into the color wheel, try out pottery or give collage a go when they spend their free time working on awesome art.

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